Assessment session:   The first session is primarily an assessment, involving working through details that could have an impact on the direction of therapy such as family and relationship situations, relevant medical/medication history and why clients have come for therapy at this time.  It can be an opportunity to decide whether working together will be beneficial and, if so, to agree on an initial focus for the work.  Any information shared during the assessment and continuing therapy is entirely of the client’s own choosing.

Therapy can be short or long term, lasting for only a few sessions or running for a number of years.  Usually this is agreed at the outset, although is no way set in stone.

Sessions last 50 minutes. They are usually held at the same time, day and location, once a week.

Client confidentiality is maintained at all times except where there is genuine fear of harm to self or others in which case, usually, any intervention is discussed and agreed.


Individuals:   Weekdays and evenings normally £70.   Occasionally student rates or concessions may be available.

Couples:     Normally £85 during weekdays and evenings.

Cancellation of sessions should be given with at least 24 hours’ notice;  the full session fee is payable where this isn’t the case.